#wvcusa Winner of the Pharma Executive of the Year: Dr Steve Projan @MedImmune @ViE Awards

Awards Best Pharma executive 2012The Best Pharmaceutical Executive category was open to all international Executives from pharmaceutical vaccine manufacturers, with the winner being the individual that has demonstrated executive leadership across a number of key criteria.

The criteria used to judge this category will be as follows:

  • Degree of outstanding commitment to disease prevention and treatment 
  • Level of exemplary leadership throughout the year
  • Contribution to company performance, communication and vision
  • Influence within the industry and communication of a shared vision
  • Achievements made with regards to company positioning and status

Winner: Dr Steve Projan of MedImmune

Judges specific comments on the winner included:

1. His role as lead during the transition of the team into the infectious disease/vaccines innovative medicine unit (iMED) has played a large part in allowing this company to progress its vaccine pipeline
2. Spearheaded the advancement of a vaccine to prevent RSV to IND and led the effort to achieve FDA approval of the first quadrivalent influenza vaccine

Well done Dr Steve


Highly Regarded' recommendation: Dr Emilio Emini, SVP and CSO for Vaccine Research for Pfizer's continued work with Prevnar 13 in European Member states , the US and emerging markets.

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