#wvcusa A novel Japanese Encephalitis Vaccine by Intercell

Jeffrey Hackman - Intercell world vaccine congressJeffrey Hackman, President and CEO, Intercell USA presented yesterday at the World Vaccine Congress the latest developments of this JEV Vaccine with a favorable safety profile and global distribution strategy.

Japanese Encephalitis Vaccine:  Intercell currently has a licensed product against Japanese encephalitis.  They have developed it through a partnership model.  The company has an innovative R&D group and manufacturing facilities.  Hackman says that the company continues to look at  unmet needs and address them through partnering and alliances with other industry players.

The company is in the process of licensing its JE vaccine for pediatric use.  They are also partnering on a pseudomonas vaccine that is in Phase 2/3 with Novartis, a pandemic influenza vaccine with Novartis and are developing a C. difficile vaccine in house which Novartis has optioned.

The JE vaccine market segment is interesting.  There is a traveler segment, a military segment and then countries where disease is endemic.  About 1 billion people sit in endemic population. 
Travel to Asia has increased greatly and will continue to grow. Many Asian countries implement a comprehensive JE childhood vaccination program.  One of the most critical needs is in India, where they are starting vaccination programs in some states.

The commercialization structure for Intercel's JE vaccine in the EU and US is a partnership with Novartis.  In Australia, they are partnering with CSL and in India, they are looking to do tech transfer with BE.  Intercell sells directly to the military.   The company licensed its product in India in 2011 and is awaiting WHO prequalification.

Intercell's JE vaccine will be positioned as premium private market vaccine in India in 2012.  Hackman says they will eventually look to enter in the public healthcare system based on government demand.

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