Sanofi Pasteur: Partnerships in emerging markets


Vaccine Market:  Dr Allan Jarvis, Corporate Development Advisor at sanofi pasteur delivered today an interesting presentation at the World Vaccine Congress in Washington about partnerships in the emerging markets.

Of the 16 products Sanofi Pasteur currently has in clinical development, everything currently in Phase I has come out of partnerships, as well as several in Phase II, Phase  III and registration.  About 50% of the products currently in clinical trials are dedicated to emerging markets or will be placed both in emerging markets and developing markets.

Sanofi Pasteur is looking for partnerships for new antigens, monocolonal antibodies, adjuvants, formulations, delivery systems, platform technologies, manufacturing capabilities and local presence in emerging markets.  Because of the inherent risk in product development, Dr. Jarvis says that the company prefers partnerships with early Phase I data, but this is not essential.  SP also partners with non-profit entities, such as GVI, WHO, PAHO and UNICEF.

Two SP vaccines currently in clinical trials that are results of partnerships are Dengue and C.Diff.  Both vaccines have been designated for fast track by CBER.  SP is also working with a partner to develop fully human monoclonal antibodies and have partnered with another company to acquire technology that shows in vitro how a vaccine will behave in a human immune system.

Dr. Jarvis also discussed the fact that there is a birth cohort of 8 million in the developed world and 50 million in emerging markets.  This underscores the need for local manufacturing in the developing world to keep prices down.  Dr. Jarvis said that SP has partners now in Brazil, India and China.

Download the full presentation here

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