Winner of the Best #Vaccine Licensing Deal: Vical and @astellas @ #wvcusa ViE Awards

Best vaccine licensing deal vical and astellas world vaccine congress

The Best Vaccine Licensing Deal category was open to pharma, biotech and academic stakeholders within the vaccine industry that had engaged in a two-way licensing deal for a vaccine candidate or technology within the last 12 months.

The criteria used to judge this category will be as follows:

  • The structure of the deal, the involved parties, the candidate in question and what rights it covers
  • The monetary value of the deal in up-front and milestone payments
  • The geographical/demographic spread of deal and allowance to enter new markets
  • The strategic value of the licensed product / candidate to the licensee's business
  • The appropriateness of the licensed product as best possible candidate to complement the licensee's existing pipeline or particular vaccine franchise

Winner: Vical and Astellas



Judges specific comments on the winner included:

1.    One of first if not the first DNA vaccine deal. Very bold for a company taking the first important step of strategic entry into a global vaccine business
2.    The vaccine will enable the strengthening of existing infectiou and transplantation franchises as well as to expand their infectious disease franchise from bacterial/fungal to viral infection.

Well done Vical and Astellas

Highly Regarded' recommendation: BioSante Pharmaceuticals and Aduro Biotech for their Pancreas and Prostate Cancer Vaccine, so well done for finishing a close second.

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