Winner of the Best Therapeutic #Vaccine @Advaxis @ #wvcusa ViE Awards

  best therapeutic vaccine advaxis world vaccine congress
The Best Therapeutic Vaccine (approved or in development) category was also open to all international Pharmaceutical, Biotech, Academic and Governmental organizations demonstrating a vaccine candidate that excels in its specific application.

The criteria used to judge this category will be as follows:

  • Vaccine candidate addresses current unmet medical needs
  • Candidate shows significant potential for vast geographical and market reach
  • Candidate possesses a novel mode of action or technology
  • Progress made to do date through clinical trials and / or achieved milestones
  • Advanced efficacy, safety and risk management data where appropriate

Winner: Advaxis: ADXS-HPV – HPV


Judges specific comments on the winner included:

1. Has been shown to work at a rate that is greater than or equal to any other available treatment while being a fraction of the cost with no SAE.  This vaccine also has implications across a wide range of diseases.
2. Revolutionary approach yet intuitively very simple and economical, safe and easy to administer, real breakthrough potential.
3. Its also worth noting in the wider industry vote, although not decisive, this company gained 40% of the 793 votes cast for this category

Well done Advaxis: ADXS-HPV – HPV !


Highly Regarded' recommendation: Antigen Express as judges also felt serious appreciation should also be given to this company's AE-37 Breast Cancer candidate, so well done to Antigen Express.

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  1. Peter Rawling

    Advaxis will soon have the India Cervical trial updated results out in about 2 weeks. Partnership with big pharma is only a question of ‘when’ and not ‘if’. My guess is that we will see a partnership sometime during the Oct./Nov. of 2012.

    p.s. CIN Medium Trial is currently open to enrollment. Results are expected some time late 3rd qtr. or early 4th Qtr.

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