How can breakthrough technology serve the emerging markets? Discussed by Dr Jerald Sadoff @Crucell #wvcusa

Jerald Sadoff - Crucell world vaccine congress

Dr Jerald Sadoff Chief Medical Officer at Crucell, delivered a presentation today at the World Vaccine Congress on how breakthrough technology serve the emerging markets?

Some Key points raised in the presentation:

Breakthrough technology can help development of new vaccines to prevent diseases where there are no current vaccines.  Dr. Sadoff says that vaccines against malaria, TB and others may require new approaches that induce in humans both humoral and cellular immunity. But we must also look at finding new ways to ensure that these vaccines are affordable in the developing world where they are most needed. 

Application of high density, low volume cell fermentation with or without disposables combined with advanced down stream purification can lower capital investment.  More dispersed, regional distribution can also contribute to lowering the cost of goods, making vaccines more affordable and feasible in emerging markets.  This distribution will also help keep global supply from being interrupted.

How do we use breakthrough technology to lower cost of goods?  Dr. Sadoff says that cell based flu vaccine using PIN technology could lower cost of goods and have vaccine be made practical for developing world.  This technology could also be used to make a price-appropriate injectable polio vaccine. 

Great Presentation Jerald!

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