Dr Larry Pickering presented at #wvcusa: What happens when a #vaccine is recommended by ACIP, but not approved by the FDA?

Larry Pickering world vaccine congress
Dr Larry Pickering answered this question today at the World Vaccine Congress Washington 2012 stream B – Prophylactics vaccines. He also shared an overview on immunization based on the latest recommendations from the ACIP

Highlights from his presentation are:

There are currently 17 vaccine preventable diseases compared to 1986 when there were 8. There are two committees that are involved in approving the immunization schedule: Committee on Infectious Diseases and Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices (ACIP) (reports to CDC). In October, 2010 ACIP approved the Evidence Based Approach.

There are Paediatric and Adolescent Schedule (0-6; 7-18 years of age) and adult schedule. The schedule is harmonized between ACIP and several professional societies such as American Academy of Pediatrics, , American Academy of  Family Physicians and others.

Current updates of the immunization schedule for 2012 involves the following:

  • Updates to Tdap vaccine-expanded to all people
  • MMR-increase in measles in USA in 2011 (222 cases)-if travelling, a child needs two doses of MMR and any dose given before 12 months does not count
  • Expansion of HPV to age appropriate for all males

Vaccination rates in USA good in children, adolescents not as good (20% for HPV, 60% for Tdap), for adults not good (8% for Tdap, Zoster 14% etc).

Interactive vaccine scheduler available on ACIP web site.

Check back here in a couple of days for the presentation. Excellent presentation Larry

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