#wvcusa – Peg Willingham @United Nations: Building global momentum for #vaccines

peg willingham at world vaccine congress


Vaccines: Peg Willingham presented today at the World Vaccine Congress in Washington about the importance of building a global momentum for vaccines as one of the most cost-effective ways to save the lives of children in developing countries.

The UN Foundation has launched a vaccine advocacy program called Shot@life.

The purpose of the program is to create a global movement to advocate for vaccines.  They working with grassroots organizations, government and partners such as AAP, American Red Cross, Global Poverty Project, Lions Club, Rotary and Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation

The primary target for the campaign is American mothers and the primary beneficiaries are children in developing countries

Shot@life did significant research on their target and found that even women with vaccine hesitancy issues think it should be up to the mothers, and those in the developing world should have access to all vaccines. 

Shot@life is using social media to help mothers advocate for funding through their congressmen.  They also conducted a trip with Congressional staffers to Honduras to show the impact that campaigns were having so they could in turn advocate for vaccine funding within Congress.  There will be a full scale marketing campaign conducted over the next year.  

Check back here in a couple of days for the presentation. Great presentation Peg.

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