#wvcusa – #PAHO and #UnitedNations panel session LIVE- securing a Healthier Future with #vaccines



Global immunization initiatives: Today at World Vaccine Congress Washington, Jon Andrus and Peg Willingham delivered a panel session to discuss the impact of vaccines for a healthier population.

The discussion was focused on two major issues: How to secure funding to develop vaccines and how to implement a comprehensive vaccine program.

Dr. Willingham talked about:

– Vaccine development as sustainable development
– Vaccine development is a form of economic development
– Clinical trials in endemic countries as a modus to help retain talent

Challenges to funding are the nature of vaccine trials that are usually long and the current economic climate.

Dr. Andrus discussed PAHO's development plan and the key factors that contribute to its success such as capacity development and country ownership of national immunization programs. Activities are focused on accelerating policy development and rapid deployment of that technology once policy is developed.

Objectives of the plan are:

  • To strengthen infrastructure
  • To develop tools for economic analysis
  • To collect data, conduct analysis
  • To advocate for evidence-based decisions
  • To plan for vaccine introduction when evidence supports it

Find out more about Jon Andrus and Peg Willingham on our website: www.terrapinn.com/vaccineusa or check back here in a couple of days for the presentation. Great panel discussion with a lot of questions!

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