#wvcusa – Margaret McGlynn, President & CEO, IAVI LIVE: Exciting new advances in HIV

Margie McGlynn iavi at world vaccine congress
What are the prospects for finally developing a safe, effective and accessible vaccine to prevent AIDS?

Dr Margaret McGlynn answered this question at Day One of the World Vaccine Congress Washington 2012.

She also shared her views on IAVI's role in the search for an AIDS vaccine and the importance of funding and political will for the development of an effective HIV vaccine. IAVI is working through partnerships with pharma, biotech, academic researchers, funders and clinical sites in Africa in order to accelerate development of an HIV vaccine.

Some key points raised on her presentation:

  • The impact of the Merck trial on the field
  • Research into correlates of protection
  • Positive results with microbicides and pre-exposure prophylaxis
  • The continuing need for a vaccine
  • Hope brought by the partial success in the RV-144 Thailand trial
  • New vector-based vaccine candidates
  • Reverse engineering of vaccines

Fantastic and inspirational presentation Margaret!


Check back here in a couple of days for the presentation.

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