#wvcusa Dr Mike McQuestion @SabinVaccineInstitute from paternalism to country ownership of national #immunization programs


Mike McQuestion - Sabin at world vaccine congressDr Mike McQuestion presented today at the World Vaccine Congress in Washington about ownership of national immunization programs

The Sabin Sustainable Immunization Financing Program works to create pathways to country ownership of immunization programs.  The group does advocacy work at high levels through parliamentary briefings, targeted peer exchanges and legislative workshops.

Current investment needed to immunize a child in the developing world is $40.  This is a significant investment for most governments.  Sabin helps convince governments that immunization generates spillover economic effects.  However, to reap these dividends, countries must own their own immunization programs.

Most countries are far from this point – they depend on external partners.  Work is done through a patron-client relationship instead of institutional engagement.  Technical decisions, such as new vaccine introductions, are based on external expertise and external financing dominates.  Therefore, governments do not know how to invest and often under-invest.

As a result, countries are continuing to under-invest even as economies are growing in many developing countries.   There is a need for institutional innovations at the Ministry of Health, Ministry of Finance and Parliament level to develop new ways of working and a commitment to immunization.

Great presentation Mike!

Check back here in a couple of days for the presentation.

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