Does your hamburger really need that extra #penicillin?

U.S. commands the FDA to crack down on unnecessary use of antibiotics in food animals.


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U.S. commands the FDA to crack down on unnecessary use of antibiotics in food animals A recent federal court ruling has mandated that the FDA do more to take care of human health threats due to the superfluous use of antibiotics administered to food animals. The ruling came from as a result of a  lawsuit filed by a collection of organisations , and has instructed the FDA to remove approval for unnecessary antibiotic usage unless the drug is proved to be safe.


The issue has stemmed from the practice of farmers to give animals low doses of antibiotics to help them grow and compensate for unhygienic living conditions, even when the animals are not sick. Physically, anyway. Who can really judge the mental health of a cow?


Conclusive studies have shown that this kind of low-dose antibiotic use in animals being raised for human consumption could lead to infection of human beings by strains of antibiotic-resistant bacteria. As evidence of these risks has increased, it’s become impossible for regulatory agencies to ignore this information .


Attorney Jen Sorenson commented on the situation, saying "This health threat has been hiding in the margins for four decades. The rise of superbugs that we see now was predicted by FDA in the 70's… Thanks to the Court's order, drug manufacturers will finally have to do what FDA should have made them do 35 years ago: prove that their drugs are safe for human health, or take them off the market."


Can’t say I’m particularly upset about it. Any thoughts?


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