Flu #vaccine has an inconvenient side effect

Scientists in Finland observe an increase in narcoleptic children after widespread use of the Pandemrix H1N1 vaccine.


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 H1N1 flu vaccine linked to increase in narcoleptic children Meanwhile, in Finland…


School children who have received the Pandemrix H1N1 vaccine against swine flu have come across an odd side effect. The vaccine has shown a definitive increase in the occurrence of narcolepsy in Finnish children.




Whoops, sorry about that.


The effect was observed early on in 2010. A study done contrasting the incidence of narcolepsy in individuals who have and have not gotten the vaccine concluded that the rate of narcolepsy in the vaccinated group was 13 times higher.


No effect was observed in the population of Finnish adults who had received the vaccine…maybe Finnish school teachers should try making their lessons a little bit more interesting.


Researchers “suspect the vaccine may have contributed to an auto-immune effect linked to narcolepsy”.


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