New Speaker additions to expand your #vaccine knowledge #wvcusa

Rajeev Venkayya More speakers came on board at the World Vaccine Congress Washington, which means more relevant and informative content for you. Have a look at a few new additions:

  • Get a new perspective on how Takeda is planning to set up and expand their vaccine business from Dr Rajeev Venkayya, the new Executive Vice President of the Vaccine Business at Takeda Pharmaceuticals.
  • Discover the prospects for developing a safe, effective and accessible vaccine to prevent AIDS from Margie McGlynn, the President & CEO of IAVI
  • Learn how improving affordability, availability, and accessibility of vaccines can impact the vaccine business and overall global Public Health from Dr Mark Feinberg, Vice President and Chief Public Health and Science Officer, Merck Vaccines
  • Discuss the new developments in the emerging market vaccine industry enabling you to expand and grow your portfolio with the new BVGH CEO Don Joseph
  • Find out how to structure winning partnerships in emerging markets through an update on new product and technology developments from sanofi pasteur's corporate development advisor, Allan Jarvis.
  • How can the vaccine industry remain at the forefront of innovation and keep prices at a global competitive level at the same time? Hear from Jerry Sadoff the CMO of Crucell to align your development strategy.
  • What are the research-innovations in vaccine development that will lead us to achieve disease eradication? Hear from John Hewko the CEO of Rotary International on the specific case of polio eradication.
  • Learn why pricing transparency matters and what its advantages are. Hear about the 10 years of Unicef prices: learnings and innovative market shaping strategies from Daniel Berman the Deputy Director for Medicines Sans Frontiers Access Campaign.

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