#Bayer explore if plant #cell-lines can grow into the #vaccine industry leaders?

#Bayer, #cell-lines, #vaccine, #ButlerBayer are exploring the possibility of plant cell lines as a dominant player in vaccine production.  Dr John Butler-Ransohoff the Project Manager for Plant-made Pharmaceuticals at Bayer Innovations is going to evaluate the current position of development and look at where the limiting factors and commercial opportunities lie;

  • Why plant cell-lines are ideal for vaccine production and can address the problems of a pandemic
  • Can the limiting factor of limited regulatory experience of plant cell-lines be overcome to allow the further developments?
  • Understanding that the regulatory viral concerns surrounding plant cell-lines have less associated cost in DSP than mammalian cells


You can join John and learn from his experiences at the World Vaccine Cell Culture Congress, Washington, where in the Spring, the leading minds from across the vaccine industry will be coming together to forward this exciting industry.

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