#Vaccine production: #Baxter explore avian #cell-lines, but could algae hold the answer…?

#cell line, #vaccine, #Medimmune, #Baxter, #MarkThompson, #Reiter, #AlgaeIn every industry their is always the endless search to find ‘the-next-BIG-thing', and cell culture vaccine production is no different!  Cell lines from African green monkey to carrots, and Chinese hamster ovary to tobacco have been investigated with varying degrees of success.

Now, Baxter have published results on a novel avian cell line, while at the University of Arizona, Dr John Kyndt is speculating about the potential of Algae to meet demand.


But is this enough?  Is there more undiscovered potential in new cell-lines? If there is, where should the hunt begin?

  • Where does the biggest benefit lie; exploring novel cell lines or developing existing ones??
  • Looking at the possible future vaccine targets, can the existing cell lines deliver the full range efficiently?
  • Would it not be more cost and time effective to expand our knowledge of those cell lines with a regulatory history rather than exploring alternatives?

At the World Vaccine Cell Culture Congress, Washington, you can put your views and experience forward and join Dr Mark Thompson, Director, Vaccine Development, MedImmune, Dr Manfred Reiter, Sr. Director, Process Development, Baxter Innovations GmbH  and Dr John Kyndt, Research Assistant Professor, Biochemistry/Molecular Biophysics, University of Arizona as they debate the future possibilitites of vaccine production

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