#Vacc-4x nasal #vaccine can effectively treat #HIV

Maja Sommerfelt - BionorThirty years after AIDS was first described, there is still no effective vaccine against the HIV virus. Worldwide, roughly 33 million people are HIV-positive. Researchers are working to find out whether a HIV vaccine developed by a Norwegian biotech company can be administered nasally.


In autumn 2011 the Norwegian biotechnology company Bionor Pharma reported promising findings from one of its studies: HIV patients who received the firm’s vaccine Vacc-4x, were twice as likely to not need any medications for at least a year.


The overall objective of the research being carried out by Bionor Pharma and Professor Kvale’s group is to develop a therapeutic vaccine that boosts the body’s immune response to the HIV virus, reducing the viral load (the amount of active HIV in an infected person’s blood).


“Only a small proportion of the world’s HIV-positive people have access to treatment,” points out Birger Sørensen, Bionor Pharma’s head of vaccine development. “Our hope is that a therapeutic vaccine will be an effective treatment for HIV patients all over the world.”


“If the coming studies are also successful,” says Mr Sørensen, “we hope the vaccine will be on the market within a few years.”


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