#Vaccine production with #non-mammalian #cell-lines

#Merck, #Subramanian, #cell line, #vaccines, #MSDIs vaccine production using non-mammalian cell-lines going to become the dominate force over the next 3 years? 

It is known that the vast majority of experience and regulatory history of using cell culture to produce vaccines is with mammalian cell-lines, but is it time for change? 

  • Is it economically viable to stop using mammalian cell lines for vaccine production or are re-investment figures too substantial?
  • From a purely scientific perspective, can non-mammalian cell lines deliver a wide enough range of vaccines to justify their exclusive use?
  • Will the draw of faster production cycles and cheaper process developments out-weigh all other concerns?

Dr Shyam Subramanian the Vaccine Expression Systems Lead at Merck Sharp & Dohme is exploring the potential of whether complex vaccines can be achieved without mammalian cell lines at the World Vaccine Cell Culture Congress in Washington D.C. in Spring 2012

  • Are mammalian cells the only option for manufacturing complex vaccines?
  • When should one look for alternatives, and what strategy should be used to screen alternative non-mammalian cell substrates for vaccine production?
  • What are the current limitations of alternative non-mammalian cell substrates , and how can they be overcome ?

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