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#Pfizer, #vaccine, #cell line, #Sidhu, #VSV vectors, #vero-G, #serum-freeDr Mohinder Sidhu, Senior Director at Pfizer Vaccine Research has over 20 years of experience in viral and bacterial vaccines R&D. His major research interests have been focused on the development of vaccines against negative strand RNA viruses (NSV) including human respiratory syncytial virus, human parainfluenza viruses, measles virus, mumps virus and influenza viruses as well as the use of various NSV vectors (those listed above and in addition canine distemper virus and vesicular stomatitis virus) to deliver antigens of interest.  He is currently engaged in the bacterial vaccine development for Streptococcus pneumoniae (Prevnar 13) and Neisseria meningiditis serogroup B and heads the High Throughput Clinical Testing operations within Pfizer Vaccine R&D. 


Dr Sidhu will be speaking at the World Vaccine Cell Culture Congress on the strategies Pfizer have developed for developing stable packaging cell lines and processes;

  • Delivering the efficient propagation of VSV vectors defective for G expression by producing a stable packaging cell line: Vero-G
  • How high titers were achieved in adherent monolayers and also suspension culture, and in small bioreactors on mirco-carriers
  • Strategies for adapting processes to serum-free medium; from cell culture, infection and virus production.

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