A practical guide to vaccine pre-qualification in China

Julie Milstein - Uni Maryland For EMD MilliporeJulie B. Milstien, PhD is an independent consultant in vaccine supply and regulatory issues in addition to being adjunct professor of Medicine. As a member of this faculty part of her work is focused on capacity building in vaccine management and logistics, in collaboration with the Center for Vaccine Development Mali, in Bamako. She is retired from the World Health Organization where her responsibilities included planning and coordinating activities related to supply, financing and quality of vaccines and immunization-related technologies in global immunization programs.


At the 12th annual World Vaccine Congress we will welcome Julie Milstien, who will discuss the impact of increased participation of Chinese vaccine manufacturers on the international market.


Don't miss out on this opportunity to gain insight into understanding the opportunities for expanded supply of priority vaccines and examining the challenges – global standards for presentation, packaging and shipping, quality, purity and consistency.


All this and much more will be discussed on April 11th 2012.


Get your questions ready!


Have a look at the Congress program here.


Ensure you join us at the event at the best possible ticket price by booking your place before the 27th Januaryregister here.


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