The Promise of Global Symmetry

Carlos Gadelha x90- MOH Brazil"We must avoid the unacceptable risk of allowing innovation to foster inequalities," declared Carlos Gadelha, Secretary of Science, Technology, and Strategic Inputs, Ministry of Health, Brazil.


To ensure equity across income strata, he urged his peers to engage in innovative partnerships, buttressed by significant investment, and—most importantly—to think big. Through large-scale initiatives, he continued, "We can induce ‘global symmetry' to address global health needs." He reminded Summit participants that vaccines are a key strategic product that allowed Brazil to address health, poverty, and development, while delivering tremendous economic opportunities.


The Department of Science and Technology (DECIT) at the Brazilian Ministry of Health (MoH) is responsible for promoting research to improve the health system. Its primary challenge is to guarantee scientific and technological development as an important and permanent tool for guiding the country to an evidence-based SUS that promotes universality, integrity and equity.


At the 12th annual World Vaccine Congress we will have to welcome Carlos Gadelha, who will discuss the requirements for technology transfer partnerships with domestic companies for international vaccine makers targeting the Brazilian public sector who can facilitate market entry.


Don't miss out on this opportunity to gain insight into the market environment for vaccines through a review of demographic, economic and regulatory trends and understand challenges, unmet needs and future opportunities for vaccine makers targeting.


All this and much more will be discussed on April 11th 2012. Get your questions ready!


Have a look at the Congress program here.


Ensure you join us at the event at the best possible ticket price by booking your place before the 27th Januaryregister here.


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