Using #Vero cell lines to produce #Rabies, #Rotavirus and #Dengue #vaccines

#vero, #vaccine,#Instituto Butantan, #Rabies, #Rotavirus, #dengue, #FrazattiUsing Vero cell lines to produce Rabies, Rotavirus and Dengue vaccines is being explored and exploited at the in Brazil.

The benefits of using cell culture for vaccine production to meet pandemic demands are well documented and the reason behind huge financial investment, cell culture can and is being used to produce a wide range of vaccines and exhibiting even more benefits.

Dr Neuza Maria Frazatti Gallina is working at the Instituto Butantan on developing and improving the sustainability of Vero cell lines:

Would your product pipeline benefit from learning how she is achieving this and understand in more detail the methods being used ? 


Dr Frazatti will be addressing the following key issues and more at the World Vaccine Cell Culture Congress, Washington D.C.;

  • Exploring how to achieve vero cell qualification for use in human vaccines
  • Evaluating the procedures involved in delivering large scale vero cell production
  • A detailed look at Rabies , Pentavalent Rotavirus and Tetravalent Dengue vaccines produced in vero cell


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