Download – Overcoming the challenges of introducing new #vaccines in the public sector of India

At the World Vaccine Congress 2011, Dr Pritu Dhalaria, Director, Public Health, One World Health, India shared with us about the difficulties faced in introducing new vaccines in the public sector of India, and how to overcome them.

Dr Pritu Dhalaria, A senior level public health professional with 15 years of experience, major emphasis on imunization and communicable diseases in India, Nepal and China. Dr Dhalaria is a Medical Doctor specialized in Public Health, currently leading PATH Immunization portfolio in India (International Non Profit organization based in Seattle) which include routine immunization and health systems strengthening activities in two states (Madhya Pradesh and Maharashtra) and Japanese Encephalitis in fifteen states of India. He played key role in introduction of Japanese Encephalitis Vaccine (SA14142) in 15 States of India. He had a long work history with WHO for polio eradication in Uttar Pradesh.

Here are some of the issues that Dr. Pritu Dhalaria discussed:

1. Uncovering the Indian experiencee of introducing new vaccines in the immunization program in public sector
2. Understanding the learning points, challenges, threats and solutions for new vaccine introduction, especially in the context of Japanese Encephalitis vaccine introduction
3. Adopting various vital perspectives with a bearing on new vaccine introduction in immunization programs

For more information about the presentation by Dr Pritu Dhalaria, Director, Public Health, One World Health, India , click here to download the slides!

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